Woman Snaps Photo of **** Husband She Shot after Argument Over Burned Casserole, Sends it on Facebook before Calling Cops

A woman who initially claimed her husband shot himself after they argued over burned casserole is in hot water after revealing to cops she took a photo of her **** husband as ‘evidence’ that he killed himself – only for investigators to notice there was no gun in that photo but he had one in his hand when they arrived! Oooops.

Teresa Drum, 38, readily admitted that she and her husband argued over the casserole she burned while cooking. She added that the two of them were drinking but 42-year-old Dennis Drum Sr. got angry that she drank his last beer at their home in Tarentum, Pennsylvania.

According to her initial statement, one of them got a gun and they were struggling with it when it gone off, accidentally killing Dennis. But a short while later, she changed her statement and said she went back to the kitchen to finish cooking but was shocked to hear the gun go off in the bedroom. He was already **** when she rushed to the room, she claimed.

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Credit: Phuket News

Teresa also told the cops that she immediately took a snapshot of Dennis’ body and sent it to her friend on Facebook because she was not sure what to do. When her friend told her to call 911, she did so after taking a shower to look “more presentable”.

But cops soon found discrepancies in her story. For instance, Dennis was not holding a gun in the photo Teresa sent to her friend but he already had one in his hand when they arrived. Also, upon checking, the cops found bloody clothes in the laundry room – evidence that Teresa was in the room with Dennis when the gun went off, as opposed to her story that she was at the kitchen when that happened.

Teresa is now facing criminal homicide charges, with no bail. According to the investigators, the couple’s two children were at the house during the incident but both are unhurt. It is unclear how old the two are and how much they might have witnessed but they are now with family members and won’t be used as witnesses in the trial.