Woman Told by Uber Driver to Bleach Her Dark Skin, Becomes a Professional Model

Nyakim Gatwech is shaking up the fashion industry as she redefines the standards of beauty, earning the name “Queen of the Dark” for herself, in a rather positive way.

She was in her mother’s womb when they fled South Sudan. Born in Ethiopia, she and her family would later become among the families given the chance to make America as their new home. As a kid, Nyakim received a lot of hurtful comments about her black skin.

Eventually her sister gave in to the pressure by bleaching her skin, but Nyakim would later learn to embrace hers with love, especially because their mother repeatedly told her there was nothing wrong with people laughing at her dark skin – why should she feel hurt when she does have dark skin? With that in mind, Nyakim accepted her color and would later become an advocate for diversity.

One day, Nyakim was told an Uber driver to bleach her skin. Had she been younger, she would have been hurt with those words but Nyakim just laughed at the suggestion.

It will be hard for you to believe the kind of question and looks I get for having this skin,” Nyakim told the puzzled Uber driver.

Little did the Uber driver know that this dark-skinned young lady has already made a name for herself in the fashion industry, earning a lot of money as a professional model – and that’s all thanks to her chocolate-colored skin!

My chocolate skin is elegant, so is what I represent… A nation filled with warriors,” Nyakim proudly announced.

The young woman earned praise from many netizens for her advocacy, saying that it was great that someone who works in the fashion industry is helping young ladies accept their own looks.

Black is beautiful, bold and can be likened to gold….  Don’t let your African soul be damaged by American standards,” wrote the “Queen of the Dark”.

What a beautiful woman, inside and out!

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