Woman Uses Family Parking Lot, Boasts that She’s Rich and has Three Cars

Facebook user, Daniel Choo from Singapore shared his experience when a woman stole his “Family” parking lot and this woman even had the guts to say that she doesn’t care and had “lots of money to burn”.

Image: World of Buzz

Family parking lots are usually bigger so that parents can easily unload their babies and strollers or even the elderly to get down easily.

“I brought my family of five (with three kids including a baby) to Jurong Point for a movie. We saw that there’s no vacant lot so we waited for a while, then we saw a family car drive off from the family lot. Suddenly, this aunty decided to just cut in and park at the spot I have been waiting for. Let me clarify, she’s alone and not picking up anyone,” Daniel wrote on his profile.

Daniel confronted the woman as soon as he found a parking lot space for a normal lot but instead apologizing, she stood near her car who looks like a Mini Convertible and told Daniel that she was rich. Wow!

The woman pulled a bunch of car keys to prove that she was indeed rich.

Image: World of Buzz

When she seemed to notice that Daniel was taking a video, she said “Fine, go ahead. Everybody knows I got three cars. Go ahead. Make me famous. Thank you”.

Daniel calmly explained again the purpose of the Family spot and said that it was inconsiderate of her to park there but she insisted that she was inconsiderate.

Finally, a security guard cut in and told her to move her vehicle. The woman went to her car and moved away.

Image: World of Buzz

According to Sinchew, the netizens confirmed that the woman owns a food company and also owns two other BMWs in addition to the Mini that she was driving.

We must be considerate in using special parking spots and respect other people who need it more.

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