Woman Who Often Hears Old Neighbors Scream in Hunger, Decides to Bring Food Daily

It is a sad reality in this world we live in that not everyone was born rich – and that most people are actually struggling with day to day living. Many could not afford to buy food and a lot don’t even have families to take care of them or help provide for their daily needs…

Recently, a woman shared the sad story of how she would often hear her old neighbors screaming in hunger. Living in an apartment block in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Ika (@nnshafika on Twitter) would often hear the old voices screaming but could not pinpoint where their room might be.

Photo credit: Ika / @nnshafika – Twitter

One day, taking pity on their constant cries, Ika decided to hunt for the source of the hungry screams and discovered two old ladies living in very poor conditions. The two have become nearly immobile due to health conditions and for not having enough food to eat.

Both old and unable to find a job because of their condition, leaving them without money to buy food. Sadly, the two didn’t have other family members to turn to; thus, they could only scream in hunger, hoping someone could hear their cries.

Thankfully, Ika finally decided to find the source of the sound. Upon seeing the two old ladies living in such poor conditions, Ika rushed back home to get some food. Since then, she would bring food to the old ladies on a regular basis – and their lives have certainly improved a lot.

Photo credit: Ika / @nnshafika – Twitter

There were many times when Ika could hear them calling out her name from their apartment, knowing she would come and bring them food; however, Ika is not rich and could not support the two forever. Thus, she decided to share their story, in hopes that other netizens could help them out – and she was right!

Help poured in for the two old ladies. Many netizens sent food or money for the mother and her child. Others also offered help in some other ways. Everyone was certainly amazed at how the community came together to help these two, thanks to Ika’s concerned post…

Those who wish to help can find the two in this address: Seksyen 1, Wangsa Maju, Setapak 53300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Source: World of Buzz