Woman Wins $110-Million Lawsuit after Blaming Her ****** on the Johnson’s Baby Powder

For four decades, Lois Slemp of Wise, Virginia used Johnson & Johnson baby powder but this allegedly gave her ovarian ******; thus, she sued the company and actually won! Can you believe that?

Now 62 years old, Slemp stands to receive as much as $110 million from the pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson after managing to convince the jury that her ovarian ****** stemmed from decades of using the company’s baby powder.

Diagnosed with ovarian ****** in 2012, Slemp sued Johnson & Johnson but because she was too weak to appear in court, her attorneys brought audiotapes of her testimony.

I trusted Johnson & Johnson – big mistake,” Slemp said.

Her lawyers used research from the 1970s in defending her case. They also cited the International Agency for Research on ******’s classification of the genital use of talc as “possibly carcinogenic”.

But the company is not going to pay up anytime soon. In a statement, Johnson & Johnson revealed that it will contest the ruling, especially because plenty of recent research results have shown that their baby powder is harmless.

We are preparing for additional trials this year and we will continue to defend the safety of Johnson’s Baby Powder,” Johnson & Johnson declared.

The company also reminded its loyal customers that they have been ranked as among America’s Most Loved Brands in the Health category.

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So far, Slemp’s case won the highest compensation from Johnson & Johnson. However, only few of around 2,400 cases filed against the pharmaceutical giant actually prospered.

Indeed, according to UNILAD, a lot of scientific research using Johnson’s Baby Powder “found little or no connection between ovarian ****** and the use of baby powder for feminine hygiene.”

Could Slemp’s win really just a case of the jury taking pity on someone with ******, without taking actual scientific evidence into consideration?

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