Woman’s Jogging Pants Makes Internet Freak Out, Optical Illusion Makes Legs Appear Super Slim

My head hurts just looking at this woman’s super slim legs – how can someone stand up with those legs that are no thicker than skin and bones? But it turns out her very slim legs are but a product of a freakish optical illusion. Whew!

It started out when Twitter user @milanoysl posted an innocent-looking mirror selfie to show off her outfit of the day (OOTD).

Yea I just combined vertical and horizontal stripes,” the caption read. The horror! LOL. But while she was laughing at the apparent fashion faux pas, netizens were quick to point out something strange with her picture because she appeared to have really, really long and slim legs!

Do you also think the photo looks weird?

Photo credit: @milanoysl / Twitter

Well, the explanation to that optical illusion was really easy. Can you guess it?

While @milanoysl flaunted her vertical and horizontal stripes, she didn’t notice that at that angle, the tan stripe on the jogging pants appeared to split her leg into two. Thus, while the photo actually shows just one of her legs, in side view, many viewers thought she had very slim legs – making the picture look weirder than it really was.

Photo credit: @milanoysl / Twitter

Of course, the shoe at the background should have given away her actual position but people though the shoe was just something placed there like the other shoes in the background. Some sites also edited the photo, removing the shoe to make the picture look even stranger. LOL.

Silly right?