Worker in China Falls from the Fourth Floor After Heartless Man Cuts Off His Safety Rope

A heartless man in Henan, China cut off a worker’s rope, causing the man to plung to the ground on December 31, 2017.

According to the recent post of World of Buzz, a middle-aged worker was installing water pipes in a multi-story building. To do so, he needs to drill a couple of holes from the outside building. He hung himself outside the building while operating the tools.

Image: World of Buzz

Unfortunately, a man located on the fourth floor of the building became flustered with the drilling noise. He sabotaged the worker by cutting the rope that the worker was using.

According to World of Buzz, the resident asked the worker to stop what he was doing and out of nowhere, this vicious resident suddenly sliced through the safety rope using a very sharp kitchen knife. Poor worker!

Image: World of Buzz

A witness said in an interview that the worker fell from the fourth floor in a sitting position with the water pipes and his power tools. Oh, no!

Luckily, the worker survived, however, he was terribly injured with fractures on his right leg, pelvic bone and lower back. Furthermore, his head, neck, chest and lungs were also injured by his hard fall.

Image: World of Buzz

“I was just there to work. I was coming down to the fourth floor and the rope snapped from there. He wanted me to wait for someone to come over and had asked me to stop working first. That’s when he cut off the rope,” the poor victim said in an interview.

Image: World of Buzz

According to the investigation of the police, the suspect was irritated over the drilling noise outside the building. Because he can’t keep calm, he decided to cut off the rope and suddenly came to his senses when he learned that the worker was severely injured.

May the poor worker be able to recover from his injuries and for the suspect, may he be punished for what he did.