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World’s Best Girlfriend or the Other Way Around? This Girl Carries Her Boyfriend Across Flooded Streets for this Silly Reason…

One thing that entered my mind when I saw these photos: He doesn’t deserve her!

These photos of a girl trudging through a flooded street with her boyfriend clinging to her back became the talk of netizens recently — along with other flood-related news. Apparently, chivalry is ****; well, at least for this gentleman who made his girlfriend carry him across a flooded street for this reason: he didn’t want to ruin his precious leather shoes! Imagine that!

Last month, heavy rainstorms have led to the flooding in cities all along the Yangtze, particularly in Wuhan, where the city’s public transportation center has been submerged by flood waters. Along with the news about the floods that has caught the attention of netizens were a couple’s picture that was posted on Chinese social media site, Weibo and it has garnered flak from netizens. Why?

Take a look for yourself:

Photo credits: Shanghaiist
Photo credits: Shanghaiist

The pictures have been widely shared on social media. In the picture, a girl in a dress carried her boyfriend on her back, saving his leather shoes from getting wet in the flood waters. The waters are deep, reaching above her ankles.

Although many men were envious of this man’s girlfriend, others were not amused.

For one thing, the man could’ve just removed his shoes and walked through the flood waters himself, right? Though the girl’s intention was to save her boyfriend’s leather shoes from getting wet, netizens criticized her actions.

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