Meet Amazon Eve, the World’s Tallest Female Model

Amazon Eve, also known as Erika Ervini, born in Turlock California, is one of the tallest models in the world. An American actresss, TV host, fitness trainer and model, she stands over 6 feet 8 inches tall. She has headlined in over 30 countries from all over the world, been a feature of almost 200+ media posts (newspapers and magazines) and has millions of hits on her websites.

Photocredits to: Edward Habib/HotSpot Media
Photocredits to: Edouard Habib/HotSpot Media

Here are some of the photos I’ve compiled from the web of the world’s tallest woman model.


She grew up in a small town in the central valley of California. Though she had been surrounded with cows, almonds, peaches and wine grapes, Eve did not have the typical life of a farm girl.  On her eighth birthday, her father gave her a microscope and a chemistry set– he had wanted her to follow in his footsteps as a scientist and conservationist.  She excelled in science, but her passion lies in writing and theater, thus she spent most of her time during the 1990s on stage.


When she was fourteen years old, she was already almost 6 feet tall, making her a constant subject to be teased about by her classmates. She survived all that and she went on to take her college education for a degree in Theater Arts and Business Management, and after that, studied law and exercise physiology.

Being a constant subject of constant teasing, Eve felt alone and freakish, thus, she hid from the eyes of everyone–she worked in a law office for six years. Although she felt like this for some time, she later became more realistic in her approach to fitness and thus, began to build and develop a positive image of herself and her body.  She then became a personal trainer when she studied with the National Academy of Sports Medicine.


When she was introduced to the world of Amazons, Eve’s life was changed forever.  She was introduced to a career that included tours around the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia. And while she was in Australia, the editor of Zoo Weekly featured her in their November 2009 Edition, launching her to popularity when it sold off the racks and led millions of people in viewing videos of her.  This event  launched Eve into the limelight–she was awarded the World’s Tallest Professional Model by theGuinness World Record in 2011.

“Accepting yourself at whatever shape nature has made you is the path to internal peace.” –A perfect reminder for each and every one of us. 🙂 


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