Would You Dare Try This Near-Vertical Daredevil Slide That’s Almost 9 Stories Tall?

Are you among those who love to do daring challenges? If given the chance, would you dare try “The Leap of Faith”? For those who don’t know, the “Leap of Faith” is a daring waterslide found at the Atlantis, The Palm Hotel in Dubai. It has an adjoining water park named Atlantis Aquaventure which has an insane number of slides and attractions, but among the attractions, this is the top of the cake.

Want to know its entire height? Its height is a jaw-dropping nine stories tall! Anyone who dares to try will begin with a near-vertical drop down the face of an ancient temple. Then, they’re plunged ino a clear tube slide — surrounded by sharks! Thinking about it may make you scared, but you’re moving so fast, though, you may not even see them.

Look at the video below and see for yourself this jaw-dropping attraction! Would you like to try it yourself?

Super steep waterslide in Dubai

This waterslide has a near-vertical drop.

Posted by INSIDER travel on Monday, June 27, 2016

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