WOW: Magician Rips and Eats the Judges’ Money on Stage… But Makes it Appear Seconds Later!

We’ve seen many mind-blowing and insane acts on different talent shows around the world- from ***** defying acts that involve danger, to hair-raising and powerful voices from truly talented singers, but watching this act live on television is definitely a first!

California-based magician Blake Vgot left the audience and judges speechless and in awe with his amazing performance. At first, he asked the judges to bring out two different paper bills. George Lopez brought out a hundred dollar bill while Howie Mandel brought out a one dollar bill.

After they handed the bill to him, Blake asked them to sign both bills, to make sure they are unique. He then proceeded to rip each bill’s corner — and what’s more suprising: he ate them! Eep! Looking at him eat those paper bills kind of made my stomach turn. After he ate the bill’s corner, he showed his mouth to the audience, to make sure that he got nothing inside his mouth.

After a few seconds, his performance took an amazing twist! Can you guess what happened?

Hit the play button below and find out!

He ‘bit’ onto each bill and returned the ‘ripped’ corner—but on both wrong bills! Whoa. Amazing trick you’ve got there, buddy. The judges now have $101 each! How is this even possible?

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