You Might Be Tempted To Eat These, But Wait ‘Til You Discover What They’re Made Of!

From sushi, tempura, ramen, soba, takoyaki and many other dishes, Japan is famous for it’s many choices of delicious and interesting foods—they have their regional specialties (take note: even the smallest village has their own signature dish it prides itself on).

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Have you ever seen artificial food samples? When we go to restaurants, we may often see their plastic food out front. They do this so that customers will have an idea as to the menu and they can see what the meals actually look like.

If you happen to be in Japan and pass by a street in Tokyo, you’ll be able to see a lot of restaurants proudly displaying it in a glass case outside. The creation of these sample food began in 1917 when they were introduced in a Tokyo department store. During that time, the artificial food samples were still made of wax, but nowadays, it has been common to use plastic and silicone when creating food samples.

However, these plastic food seem so realistic that we might mistake them for actual food! At first glance, you may be tempted to eat these, but wait until you discover what they are made of!

Watch the video below and be amazed.