You Wouldn’t Believe People Actually Tried to Smuggle These Crazy Items Through the Airport

It is amazing just what people would try to do just so they can save on travel costs or bring back home weird things they found while traveling.

Yes, there are lots of amazing exotic animals and plants that would probably look great in our own homes but there are often laws against illegally bringing these items across borders – and it would be quite important for you to check what rules apply in the country you are visiting just in case you get held at the airport for smuggling.

I would have understood the people who tried to smuggle one or two exotic creatures back home because they found these adorable but some people just overdo it and attempt to smuggle a lot (mostly for profit).

Aside from exotic creatures, there are also a lot of other crazy stuff that airport security forces across the world have intercepted. There are illegal *****, of course, that seem to be the top crazy item being smuggled across borders. But I really could not believe how there are those who bring stuff like severed heads (well, that turns out to be for medical purposes) through the airport! There are also those who tried to smuggle kids inside suitcases (though this was not taken up in this video).

Check out some of the craziest things found by airport security in this video made by The Richest: