You Wouldn’t Believe What This Dog Did to a Sleeping Baby…

Do you allow dogs and your kids to play with each other? Well, many would say it would depend on the dog breed but lots of dog owners who have the so-called “fierce” breeds like pit bulls even let their kids play with these “monsters”!

Of course, that would largely depend on the dogs’ training and exposure to kids as well as the kids’ knowledge about these dogs. That means that individual answers depend on individual situations.

Now, there’s this cute video of a sleeping and a toy dog that would surely make your heart melt.

Mom was not holding the baby as it was placed on the bed. So, the little dog decided to give the little one some love. What do you think this tiny dog did to the baby? Well, you might not believe it but the dog began tucking in the baby just like its mommy would have done.

It is so cute!

Watch the adorable video here: