You Wouldn’t Want to Mess with 7-Year Old Mahiro! Find Out Her Incredible Skill and be Amazed!

You wouldn’t want to mess with this young lady.  Meet Mahiro. She’s not your average 7-year old girl. In the video below, she shows off her skills in Kanku-Dai, an open-hand style of Karate with origins in Okinawa, Japan.

The fighting style got its name from an 18th century Chinese diplomat named Kunsatku who traveled to Okinawa to spread his technique. Actually, the Kanku-Dai is a simulation of defense and attack against  different attackers (wow!) and is made of up 65 specific movements performed one after another.

In the video below uploaded by Youtube user tsuruhimeja, Mahiro showcases her amazing skills. Young Mahiro’s videos in her martial arts progress have been uploaded to YouTube for several years, and recently some footage of her performing in karate sparring matches have been published. Isn’t she amazing? Even some experts said that the Okinawan style can take up to 10 years to master that’s why Mahiro is really a very talented young kid.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think about little Mahiro. For me, she gets a two thumbs up!