You’ll Applaud this Dad’s “Public Shaming” Video

It seems that there are countless parents who enjoy publicly shaming their kids on social media – just for a few laughs, perhaps, or to supposedly teach them a lesson. There are many different ways to discipline kids – that’s for sure, yet these parents believe that public shaming gets their message across more effectively.

The problem with public shaming is that you are essentially bullying your child and inviting others to bully him/her! In the guise of discipline, you just might be doing more harm than good.

So, when I found a video of a dad who’s about to shave his son’s head on camera, I was immediately crestfallen. I thought this was just another video that would surely elicit lots of laughs and shares on social media yet could potentially ruin one child’s self-esteem.

I was wrong!

The “public shaming” video turns out to be a parody. Instead of shaving the boy’s head, this daddy delivered an anti-shaming, pro-loving message. It was totally unexpected for such a tough-looking guy.

Check out the video below and tell us what you think: