You’ll Never Believe this Family’s Incredible Makeup Transformation

Have you ever wondered how you would have looked if you were born in a different race? Regardless of your skin color, what’s your answer?

Well, I would definitely be curious but that does not mean I wish to have whiter or darker skin.

Now, in this video, a black family was turned into white using makeup. The skillful hands of the makeup artists have actually made sure the transformation was dramatic yet not easy to spot. If you did not know these people were black before, you might not recognize the makeup applied to change the way they look.

Even the family was shocked at the transformation!

Here’s the video:

This is the power of makeup. The video also shows just how skillful makeup artists and stylists can be – there’s no need for cosmetic surgery here because these people could definitely change the way you look within just hours. Of course, the results are just temporary but still I am quite amazed by this entire video.

What do you think of the transformation?