You’ll Never Believe What These Whales and Dolphins are Doing!

Scientists are baffled by the curious interaction they observed between humpback whales and bottlenose dolphins in the waters of Hawaii.

In the wild, it is difficult to keep track of interactions between social species such as whales and dolphins while in captivity, these species are often kept in separate tanks or enclosures. Thus, when scientists found photos of these unusual interactions, they were truly puzzled.

In what appears to be play, a dolphin would lie across a whale’s head while the larger animal would raise its body to bring the dolphin out of the water. Then, the dolphin would slide back, with its tail first to the water.

The action would be repeated for some time – with both animals appearing to be enjoying the interaction and willingly participating in the game.

There were even instances when the dolphin was captured on camera as it did ‘poses’ on top of the whale, flipping over so that it would be lying on its back while taking a ride on top of the whale.

Watch the video of this unusual interaction below: