Young Boy Suffers Serious Injuries After an MP3 Device Exploded on His Face

A 13-year-old junior high school student from China’s Pingxiang Xiangdong District suffered serious injuries after the MP3 device he was listening to suddenly exploded on his face.

According to his grandmother, the boy named Xiao Peng was just standing on the balcony listening to his gadget when she heard an explosive sound. She then rushed outside and found Xiao Peng lying on the floor in a pool of blood.

He was rushed to a hospital to receive emergency treatment after the said explosion.

Image from EBC

At the hospital, Xiao Peng underwent eight hours of emergency surgery to save his life. His doctors said that among his injuries were a fractured wrist, severely burnt and lacerated face, and damaged eyes.

He was finally out of danger after three days of treatment. However, his hospital bill amounted to 200,000 Yuan ($31,000) which his family could not afford. His father already passed away in 2010 and his mother is currently suffering from mental illness and could not take care of Xiao Peng.

It was later found out that the MP3 device was purchased at a small store inside the village for 18 yuan ($3). No information about the manufacturer in its packaging and the owner of the store said that he bought a large batch of the device from a wholesale market.

At present, there is a sign posted at the store which says that anyone who bought the same device can return it and their money will be refunded.

Authorities are now investigating the case.