Young Couple in Indonesia Spends Alone Time in a Rambutan Farm, Forcibly Married by Their Parents

Some of us dreamt to be married with the love of our life but none of us want to be married forcibly, right? Unfortunately, this happened to a couple located in Belapunranga Village in Gowa regency, South Sulawesi in Indonesia.

The two who were identified as Manai, 20, and Sugiani, 19, were forced to marry in a traditional ceremony on Monday in the presence of penghulu- Muslim wedding official, with village officials and police personnel of Parangloe subdistrict as witnesses.

According to Asia One, they were seen alone in a Rambutan farm on January 6 and from then, they became a target of intimidation by local residents. Then, Sugiani’s family confronted Manai’s family accusing them of violating the customary law called siri.

Image: Asia One

This is a problem of siri [customary law]. If not handled properly, it will lead to a disaster because it is related to the dignity of a family,” Belapunranga village head Jafar Daeng Talli said, according to Kompas.

Police official suddenly stepped on the issue as the two families nearly clashed with one another. After mediation assisted by the police and village officials, both of the families decided to wed the young couple.

Parangloe Police chief Adj. Comr. Abdul Majid said in an interview that they have a problem-solving programme that aims to create order in society through persuasive and early conflict-prevention approaches.

Assuming that the couple didn’t have their dream wedding, we do hope that their relationship as a married couple will work out just fine.

How about you, do you think marriage is the answer to this situation?