Young Dad Shocked After Girlfriend “Steals” Their Baby, Puts It Up for Adoption

A young dad’s baby was “stolen” by his girlfriend and put up for adoption – and it seems that the law is on her side!

Colby Nielsen adores his daughter, Kaylee, so much that he has been there by her side the moment she was born, feeding, bathing, cuddling, and making her feel that she was very much loved by her dad. He was, therefore, shocked when his girlfriend took the baby away and placed it for adoption without his consent.

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What’s worse is that the law is on her side because in Utah where they are living, mothers can put the baby up for adoption even without the father’s consent.

Although the father can contest the adoption, he must accomplish at least 24 hours before the mother files for adoption the following conditions: 1. File a paternity action; 2. File an affidavit; and 3. File a commencement notice with the Vital Records in Utah. These papers were easy enough to obtain but Colby only had mere hours of notice before his girlfriend placed the baby for adoption.

The young father is heartbroken over the situation, especially knowing that his girlfriend did not want their baby yet had all the legal right to do whatever she wanted with the child he loves so dearly. Colby has filed a case in court to contest the adoption and to do whatever he can to get back the baby.

They took this man’s daughter without his knowledge or consent,” says lawyer Wes Hutchins. “That is essentially, by definition, stealing.

A recent update on the story revealed that the adoptive parents, friends of the parents of Colby’s girlfriend, had returned Kaylee to her mother after social media pressure after the story blew up on the web. Still, the child is now with its mother and, with Utah’s weird laws regarding biological fathers and their rights on their babies, Colby has a long fight in court to go before he could gain full custody of the child.

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