Young Man Buys 25 iPhone X Smartphones to Propose to Girlfriend, Then Gifts Them to Everyone Who Helped in His Proposal

Creative, heartwarming, and sometimes over the top proposals aren’t new by any means – we’ve seen hundreds of these on the internet but one guy took it to the next level by buying 25 brand new iPhone X smartphones to take part in his surprise.

Girls love surprises (well, majority that is), especially if it’s done by the people they love. And in love, anything is possible. Take for example Chen Ming, who exerted A+++ effort to surprise his girlfriend with a proposal she will never forget.

Chen Ming is a young video-game designer from Shenzen, China, who recently sparked the envy of thousands of iPhone fans not only in China but all over the world, after he bought 25 brand new iPhone X smartphones amounting to $31,500 USD, arranging them in a heart shape and covering them with rose petals  to propose to his girlfriend.

Why did he use iPhone X smartphones in his proposal? Because, according to him, he and his now fiancé are “big fans of mobile video games.”

Photo credit: AppleDaily

The couple met 2 years ago through a game that Chen had developed and gaming has reportedly been a big part of their relationship ever since.

The 25 iPhones were meant to symbolize his girlfriend’s age. To make sure that his girlfriend wouldn’t suspect a thing, he sought the help of her friends, asking them to bring her to the specified location of his surprise.

Photo credit: AppleDaily

When his unsuspecting girlfriend arrived at the location, saw the smartphones lined up in the shape of a heart, and Chen went down on his knee holding the engagement ring, she couldn’t help but be touched by his romantic gesture. Unsurprisingly, she accepted his proposal. Who wouldn’t, right?

Photo credit: AppleDaily

After the unique proposal, Chen and his girlfriend decided that the 25 smartphones were a bit too much for them; so, they gave them to each friend who helped pull off the unique proposal.

Photos of his unique proposal recently went viral on Chinese social media, leaving people wondering why anyone would spend so much money on a bunch of phones when they could have purchased a new car or put a down payment on a house for the same amount.

But no matter what others might say about the proposal, we only have these words for the couple: Congratulations on your engagement!