Young Man Survives Accident as a Baby, Searches for Nurse Who Saved His Life after His Parents Died

Caleb Johnson was just 13 months old when his family met a fatal accident that cost the lives of their parents, leaving all five children as orphans. Small as he was, his injuries were so severe that his veins collapsed. He had very slim chances of making it alive.

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His veins have all collapsed, making it virtually impossible for them to connect him to an IV line that could bring life-saving medicines and nourishment to his body. But one nurse did not give up even if it seemed that the baby had no chance of survival.

Crying as she tried her best to insert the IV, the nurse prayed hard for a miracle and was able to connect a line directly to a bone in baby Caleb’s ankle. This would save his life.

Fast forward to 2017, many years later, Caleb is already a teen who sports a zigzag scar on his hairline that he easily gets to hide with hair. He’s alive and knows that he owes his life to that nurse who didn’t give up on him.

He and his siblings had no idea who that nurse was; thus, he posted a plea on Facebook for anyone to help them meet the nurse who saved his life.

Sadly, while they were eventually able to connect with several caregivers at Medical City McKinney in McKinney, Texas where they were taken after the accident, they would soon learn that the nurse who was instrumental in saving his life had died some years ago due to ******…

While his search had a sad ending, it still connected him to some people who were also there to save his life. His story became a message of hope and inspiration to many, with a lot of people expressing their thanks to the countless, faceless people working in the medical field who continue to save millions of lives every day.

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