Young Worker Returns Bag Containing Over Php1 Million… Proud Dad Posts His Good Deed on Social Media

When Billy Sunga found a bag filled with money worth over Php1 million in Japanese Yen and checks, the young worker at EPZA (Export Processing Zone) in the Philippines did not hesitate to hand it over for the authorities to find the rightful owner.

Afterwards, Billy did not really tell people about what he did because he felt that it was but a natural, normal thing to do but when he finally mentioned it to his dad, Bong Sunga, a week later, the older Sunga was so impressed with his son’s good deed that the old man posted about it on social media.

The proud dad admitted that he wouldn’t fault his son if the young man kept the cash because such was a ‘very human thing to do’ yet he was quite impressed upon learning that Billy actually returned the money and kept none for himself!

On Facebook, Bong opened the post with the line, “Honesty [is] still the best policy.” He also asked Facebook users what they would have done if they found one million. He proudly shared how his son, whom he described as ‘just a lowly but dignified worker’, returned the money and did not even have plans to broadcast his good deed to the world but he, the father, would share it anyway because he was very proud of what his son had done.

Indeed, I would have been just as proud if my son did the same thing – and would want to shout it out for the world to see and hear! Kudos Billy Sunga for returning the money but we have to also congratulate daddy Bong Sunga for raising such an honest son!


Billy, my son, a lowly and humble…

Posted by Bong H. Sunga on Monday, February 29, 2016

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