Zoo Goes Viral for Hilarious Attempt to Pass Off Badly Painted Donkey as Zebra

We all love to go to the zoo to see the animals that we just can’t easily find in the wild or in places near us. Kids and adults alike enjoy visiting the zoo.

Everyone is willing to travel to the zoo and pay the sometimes hefty entrance fees just to see these wild animals.

Banking on that premise but unable to buy a real zebra (because that’s really costly!), a zoo in Cairo, Egypt, thought it could save a lot of money by painting a donkey with stripes to pass it off as a zebra.

Photo credit: Mahmoud A. Sarhani / LAD Bible

Their plan actually worked, for just a short time, anyway.

Mahmoud A. Sarhani was visiting the zoo in Cairo when he noticed that the zebra looked rather strange. Its stripes appear smudged and dirty while its ears appear too large, much like a donkey instead of the majestic zebra. Its main was also too short. Perhaps this was a young zebra?

When he went closer to the enclosure, he was rather shocked and amused to discover that the animal was clearly a donkey masquerading as a zebra.

Photo credit: Mahmoud A. Sarhani / LAD Bible

The badly painted animal had plenty of paint smudges on its face, with the painted black stripes on its body already becoming faint in some parts or smeared to nearby areas. It was a really sad attempt at painting the poor animal – and we could only hope that paint was safe for use on animals!

Sarhani snapped some photos of the ‘zebra’ donkey and shared these on his social media pages. The pictures quickly went viral, with many slamming the zoo for trying to deceive tourists and also for putting this creature through this bad situation.

Real zebras.
Photo credit: @eismcsquare / Wikipedia

But after the photos went viral, Zoo Director Mohamed Sultan released a statement insisting the authenticity of the zoo’s zebra. He denies that the staff had only painted a donkey to pass it off as a zebra.

Is it possible that the zoo director was actually fooled into buying this ‘zebra’ donkey? LOL.

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